Living in the Midwest, I have experienced changes in temperatures all in one day. I have witnessed watching four seasons throughout the year as to when I lived South of Texas it was always hot and dry. Having the privilege to have a White Christmas in the Winter, flowers and beautiful bright lilacs bloom in the Spring, experiencing hot Summer days and enjoying crispy corn dogs at the State Fair, and finally those beautiful colors in the Fall, I realized I was extremely blessed. Coming from the South of Texas where no snow falls and it is always dry with no changes of seasons, I had nothing but thank God for this opportunity.

 My parents like the rest of my siblings decided to make a drastic change about 2 years ago and move to Iowa. While driving my parents in the month of October during their move, I noticed the beautiful fall colors though the hills driving through Kansas. To give some encouragement and God speaking to me, I then commented to my parents. I said, “Mom and Dad do you know that we actually have the privilege to see these beautiful colors God created for us. Look at how beautiful God’s masterpiece is. He painted a picture for his people and decided to lend us this Earth to live in.” My parents were listening and Praising God for his goodness!

 Sometimes we have these privileges right in front of our eyes and miss out on noticing God’s blessings to us. In Ecclesiastes 3:1, God is showing us that there is a season in everything and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Do you know what Season you are in? Have you had a drastic change in your life? I know we can all relate. What I have learned is instead of complaining, I have thanked God where he is taking us and the blessings and plans He has for us. May you be blessed in every circumstance because our God has a purpose for you!

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