Every broad cast I turn to speaks about tragedies that recently have happened.

-Shooting in Las Vegas

-Shooting in Sutherland Texas

-Shooting in San Francisco California

-Hurricane Harvey

-Hurricane Irma

-Hurricane Jose

 We often ask ourselves when will this stop? What caused the gunman to act this way? Why so much tragedy?

 I found myself asking so many questions why and feared even going outside. I feared sending my child to school because of so much violence going on.

 It’s hard not to watch the news any more and not think of these things. My heart was overwhelmed with all this. It hurt for people. It hurt for my family. It hurt for people causing these tragedies. I finally gave up and came to my knees one day and prayed to God above.

 I came across Colossians 3:2-3 which states:

 “Set your mind on things above not on things that are on earth for you have died and your life is hidden with Christ.”

 How much clearer could God be?

He was showing me that I had to focus on Him, on the things above. I learned to pray during these circumstances for the people involved in these tragedies including the gunmen. I learned to ask myself if the gunman was also hurting instead of judging him/her. I learned to pray for our country to return back to God so we won’t be out of His protection during these trials.

 While I have been trying to focus on the things above, I have been learning to pray.

 While things will not get much easier as we get closer to going home, remember that our life is hidden with Christ in God and soon we will understand his purpose and plan for us. Keep pressing on until the end and do not give up. Don’t let fear of these things overwhelm you and discourage you. Don’t let fear rob you from God’s blessings for your life. Don’t let fear take away your joy.

Focus on the things above and not on the things below, for this too shall pass!

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