Finding Joy

FINDING JOY. These two words can be untangible, unreachable, unimaginable.

How can you even feel joy? The world has let you down. Rejected at your job, disowned by your own family, no friends to go to for grief or encouragement. Nothing satisfies your soul. You are bitter and not afraid to show it. Sound familiar?

I once too was there. I was not happy and would hurt others because I did not accept that they had the perfect family, perfect spouse or perfect job. I surrendered my anxieties and fears one day to God the Lord Most High.

I went searching for Joy! Yes, I needed something more to satisfy my soul. I took all my anxieties, fears, and hate to God and let God have them all.

In God’s presence, I was able to find joy! Psalm 16:11. I was able to find consolation, love, and tenderness like no other. Then I remembered James 1:2 that commanded:Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters whenever you face trials of many kinds.

I had no idea learning to find joy would make me smile and help me to find peace.

I came to realize that finding joy in the Lord was my strength. Neh. 8:10 to face even my bitterness I allowed myself to hide into.

You to my Sister will find joy in your heart. Let God and let go of all that is withholding you from finding that satisfaction you were hoping for.


After all God is tangible, He is reachable, He is Joy!

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